The history of Top Terra and Measuring Masters

Bruno has been working in the topography industry since his teenage years, together with his father. Since Bruno was born into a generation which grew up during a technological boom, he would later become responsible for the technological aspects of the business. His father was in charge of managing the business.

As time went by, Bruno started to accompany his father to the field and learn the practical side of the job.

In 2013, they founded Top Terra, a company that has been evolving to this day. Always in the search for new technologies, in 2019, they acquired an GNSS equipment and Bruno was invited to a conference with representatives in São Paulo, in which his friend Abel Diani recorded a video of Bruno’s testimony of his experience with the equipment. The manufacturers were excited about the video and Abdel invited Bruno to attend the INTERGEO trade fair, where he would be able to participate in more videos. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Bruno decided to turn Top Terra’s Youtube channel into a project named Measuring Masters

Today we will found out more about Bruno Krenski, CEO of Measuring Master, and Top Terra.

What services does Top Terra offer?

Top Terra is a small company, but with a portfolio of a full range of civil construction services, such as topographical surveys, infrastructure execution and engineering projects focused on the infrastructure segment. Bruno does a bit of everything, from land surveys to earthwork projects, while the company’s engineer, Felipe Axt, develops paving, drainage and signaling projects and also goes to the field. Mr. Helio Krenski is in charge of the execution of the constructions – the white headed with lots of experience, the great land surveyor.

Why did you create Measuring Masters?

The Measuring Masters project was created to share technological information to land surveyors all over the world. On its current format, the MM project shows the day-by-day in a topography company, interviews at MundoGEO trade fair in Brazil and several equipment from various brands. Now, the greatest mission is, just like Bruno was invited by his friend to attend the INTERGEO trade fair in 2019, to invite all land surveyors from each corner of the world to experience this extraordinary event. “The german are wonderful people. Like my friend Dirk mentioned: it doesn’t matter how you dress up, your ethnic background or your differences, you are more than welcome to Germany”.

So I invite all the readers to attend INTERGEO trade fair. Inspire yourselves, make friends, build contacts and look for new technologies to implement in your own countries – if we have an informed world, we can be better humans.

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How does your company work and what methods do you currently use?

The company's work in Brazil consists of developing innovative approaches to new technologies. We are always looking for new technologies to improve our daily work. Currently, the preferred method of work is pure surveying, collecting information from total stations and GNSS RTK. When it comes to laser scanner technology, Brazil is a little behind, but everything has its time, and the purchase of a new topography device needs to be well considered, as the device will be in use for the next ten years. It is not just a product, it is a brand, a working tool that will be with us for a long time.

At night, when there is still time, energy is put into the Measuring Masters project, with video editing, developing our online shop and additive manufacturing to monetize the project. Me and my friend Gustavo de Carvalho have developed a product: a basic accessory for GNSS and TPS collectors. Because of Gustavo's academic background (he is a mechanical engineer and is currently finishing his PhD in additive manufacturing), we decided to develop a product that would improve the work in the field. We subsequently added this to the online shop so that other surveyors could benefit from it. We are currently planning to launch the second version, which has proved challenging but will result in a much better product.

"Thank you to all readers and followers who follow Measuring Masters and the INTERGEO fair. See you in Essen! Looking forward to it." - Bruno Krenski, CEO of Measuring Masters