The INTERGEO Conference reflects the motto "Inspiration for a smarter World" in all its facets. It highlights current developments in surveying: from spatial reference and positioning to 4D geodata and Geospatial IoT to mobile mapping applications.

Trend topics such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the diverse application possibilities of the Digital Twins, but also the current requirements for the Smart City and rural areas have their fixed place in the Conference.

In the context of climate change, the digital collection of data via remote sensing satellites, UAV, TLS or other sensors offers opportunities and solutions for the more sustainable interaction of humans with nature. The focus will also be on tomorrow's technology trends and the importance of digital realities.

Digital Twins will be a matter of particular importance

The focus will be on Digital Twins and their use in Building Information Modeling, smart planning and construction. They also play an important role in the further development of urban data platforms in the context of smart cities and their diverse applications. In the context of innovation and sustainability, they are becoming increasingly important. Modeling and simulation are particularly essential for predictions and scenarios in the event of disasters. Rapid access to the latest geodata by a wide range of departments also plays a major role. And in the area of mobility, digital twins serve as a basis and permanent source of information.

Main topics of the CONFERENCE 2022

Digital Twins and their value creation • 4D-geodata and geospatial IoT • Potentials of remote sensing • Industrial surveying, measurement systems and robotics • Smart Cities and mobility in the context of climate change and sustainability • Mobile mapping • Web services and geoIT in disaster management • Spatial reference and positioning • Earth observation and Galileo

Recognition of INTERGEO CONFERENCE as an educational event (German federal states only)

The Conference of INTERGEO Hybrid 2021 is recognized as an event for educational leave in the following German federal states.

Patronage for INTERGEO 2022!

Accompanying technical excursions to INTERGEO 2022
On Tuesday, 18.10.22, there will be a day trip to Münsterland. Another excursion on Thursday morning, 20.10.22, will visit urban development measures in Essen in which the Office for Urban Renewal and Land Management of the City of Essen has been involved in recent years. Further information and registration options can be found here: