The importance of geoinformation is more crucial today than ever before. Hardly any validated decision can be made today without knowledge of geoinformation. Urban planning, transportation planning, energy planning - inconceivable without geoinformation! Especially in the areas of disaster preparedness, environmental protection, and resource management, geodata plays a crucial role. Global challenges such as the climate crisis, urbanization, and resource security can only be tackled with the help of spatial data. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, cloud solutions, improved computing power, and the use of graphical processors accelerate this development.

In 2024, the German Cartography Congress (DKK) will once again be embedded in INTERGEO®. The DKK lecture program will be offered in a compact format on one day (Wednesday). A highlight will be the keynote speech by Prof. Frank Dickmann (Bochum), who will speak on the current and exciting topic of "Map and Brain - The Opportunities of Cognitive Science Findings for Cartography".

Highlight Topics of 2024

Ai & Geoinformation • Data Economy • Business Optimization & Value Creation with Geodata • Earth Observation & Environmental Monitoring • Protection of Critical Infrastructures • Smart City (or X-City 2.0) • Digital Twins • Infrastructure BIM (Building Information Modeling) • Digitalization Strategies in Geoinformation Management • Trends and Developments in Official Surveying Administration • Autonomous Sensor Systems • Laser Scanning

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The DVW strives for the recognition of the INTERGEO CONFERENCE for educational leave in several countries and federal states.

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