Ulrich Ahle is Chief Executive Officer at FIREWARE FOUNDATION, a non-profit organisation that promotes standards and open source solutions for smart cities. At he talks about standards and open source technology for smart cities.

Mr Ahle, why are standards and open source solutions important for Smart Cities?

With the non-profit organisation Fireware Foundation, we advocate standards and open source technology in Smart Cities. Because this makes it easier to implement Smart City platforms and solutions and keeps the costs of implementing and operating Smart City solutions low.

What is your presentation about?

I will show how to approach the digital transformation of cities. It typically takes three to five years to develop a fully developed smart city platform that networks with citizens, companies and public authorities. The result will be intelligent solutions, for example for waste management, parking or lighting in cities.

Who should attend your lecture?

Political decision-makers, CDOs, all those involved in the digitisation of a city are just right in my presentation, in which I will include many international examples.

INTERGEO EXPO STAGE: „Global standards and open source technology for Smart Cities“

Wann? WEDNESDAY. 14.10.2020 / 14:15 – 17:15 Uhr (CET)

Wo? INTERGEO Digital 2020- EXPO STAGE 1 (Smart City Solutions)

Translation: The lecture will be translated in real time via transcript and can thus be followed in other languages.