Over 1,200 participants visited the ESA Space Solutions digital stand

Five companies from three ESA Business Incubation Centres (ESA BICs) were invited to have a presence at the ESA Space Solutions stand for INTERGEO 2020 in order to raise the profile of their businesses. In addition, five experts from ESA gave talks and interviews, including Nick Appleyard, Head of ESA Space Solutions, and Frank Salzgeber, Head of Innovation and Ventures Office, ESA.

The participating ESA BIC incubates were Drone Harmony and Fixposition from ESA BIC Switzerland, Precision Navigation Systems from ESA BIC Estonia, and ThingsOnAir and Vaireco from ESA BIC Hessen & Baden-Württemberg.

The success of the show can be seen in the numbers. Over three days at INTERGEO Digital, there were over 330,000 interactions at digital touchpoints. Around 12,000 participants from 153 countries each created a digital profile and viewed information on the exhibitors' pages, as well as convening via the video meeting rooms. INTERGEO Digital has never been as international as this year, showing that even in these difficult times, people are happy to embrace innovative new formats for events.

Over 1,200 participants visited the ESA Space Solutions digital stand, including the stands of the five ESA BIC start-ups – that’s 10 per cent of all participants.

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“INTERGEO Digital was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the potential of ESA Space Solutions”, said Frank Salzgeber, ESA Head of Innovation and Ventures Office

Frank Salzgeber was physically present at the INTERGEO Expo Lounge stage where he gave an interview. The broadcast was shown three times over the three days, with over 200 visitors stopping by to have a look.