The summary after day two of INTERGEO: international visitors, full aisles, information and networking around the clock. A vibrant industry strikes a chord in Berlin with its focus on sustainability. Read what highlights await you today and what caused a stir yesterday.

The CONFERENCE will kick off day three in Rooms 8 and 9 with topics on official geoinformation. The DVW is consistently focusing on the future topics of official cadastral surveying and will report on ALKIS, ATKIS and, among others. Focal points in rooms 6 and 7: the energy turnaround, building land reallocation and sustainability in the real estate sector. In Room 5, the day's program includes topics on engineering geodesy, 3D point clouds and artificial intelligence.

INTERGEO Stages is also going full steam ahead with the innovation program. Main Acts in Hall 1.2: Sustainable Water Strategies and Environmental Monitoring, perennial favourites Mobile Mapping and Digital City. In addition, young companies will present their products in pitches. The Stage in Hall 5.2 will be influenced by Digital Twins, Automation and Artificial Intelligence and BIM. At 1 p.m., Wichmann Publishing will announce the winner of this year's Wichmann Award. The Stage in Hall 3.2 will showcase drone industry applications and solutions throughout Thursday. Last but not least, the BIM Cinema: Today, presentations and panel discussions will revolve around BIM and infastructure as well as the GIS integration in BIM.

Day two of INTERGEO was intensive and innovative: the midterm highlight was this year's international press conference. The topic: "Navigating Sustainability through Geospatial Insights". Guests of moderator Christopher Wirtgen were Professor Rudolf Staiger, President of DVW e.V. as organiser of INTERGEO, Godela Ro├čner, Head of Earth Observation at the German Aerospace Center, Thomas Harring, President of Geosystems Hexagon, Professor Gerd Buziek, Corporate Spokesperson of ESRI and Boris Skopljak, Vice President Surveying and Mapping of Trimble. You can find out more about the contents of the press conference in the video of the day. The message: INTERGEO is the communicator in the industry. Gerd Buziek: "The trade fair gives the industry a face. Thank you for that."

Topics at the CONFERENCE and Stages ranged from Smart City applications in the present and future, solutions for sustainable use of the oceans and use of drones in environmental observation.

The EXPO made us forget any covid reverberations. Everything as before, only more vibrant, more inspiring, more innovative. The industry showed what it's made of on day two as well!