Uncrewed Systems Technology magazine focuses entirely on the innovative engineering that's successfully pushing boundaries on land, at sea, in flight and even through the universe. The magazine is unique - the first ever publication to focus entirely on providing independent coverage of the engineering at the heart of uncrewed vehicles. It applies the same rigorous scientific approach to this brave new world as critically acclaimed Race Engine Technology has brought to the subject of racing powertrain technology. Published 6-times a year, we probe today's cutting-edge projects to provide in-depth research insights - rigorous investigation is backed by professional peer review and critical analysis.

Drones is the magazine for the drone economy. The information medium on commercial drone use reports from the industry, science and politics and presents innovations as well as best-practice applications.

eGovernment Computing, the trade journal for the digitization of administration and public security, has been providing IT decision-makers at federal, state and local level with an overview of IT, initiatives, trends and specifications for the investment area in the public sector since 2001.

Kommune21 reports on IT-supported administrative modernization and addresses the decision-makers in German municipalities (mayors, district councils, heads of offices and IT, department heads, etc).

GEOmedia, the Italian magazine for geomatics, is the window of Italian innovation in the complex framework of geospatial competition related to the acquisition, processing, analysis, management and use of geo-info&data.

xyHt Magazine is North America’s largest mailed-circulation surveying and mapping publication.

With 20,000 mailed and 10,000 digital copies distributed each month, xyHt is the leading source for your geospatial news and content!

For more than 30 years, GPS World has been the top publication for the GNSS industry. They help advance the development and deployment of GPS/GNSS and other positioning, navigation and timing solutions.

Digital Business Cloud -The magic word on the road to the digital and smart enterprise is "orientation," and that doesn't just apply to the digital factory. We live in a world of fundamental transformation

Bauen aktuell - Our construction industry is facing major challenges such as sustainability, energy transition, urbanization of cities or generation-friendly construction. In addition to these central aspects, all those involved in the construction process must increasingly consider the entire life cycle of buildings.

The Wißner-Verlag reports in the "»zfv – Zs. f. Geodäsie, Geoinformation und Landmanagement«" about news from science and practice. The DVW publication series and the guide Geodesy and BIM are also published by the publishing house.

Through the website, weekly newsletter and bimonthly magazine, GIM International provides a worldwide audience with the latest news, trends and in-depth insights related to the wide-ranging practical applications of geospatial technologies such as Lidar, photogrammetry and positioning.

With the vision of Making a Difference through Geospatial Knowledge in World Economy and Society, Geospatial World has been working on developing the geospatial industry for more than two decades. Geospatial World achieves its objectives by publishing content on geospatial technologies, trends, policies and applications by the Media Division of the Company.

»Transforming Cities«

highlights innovative approaches to the efficient use of energy and resources,

describes the maintenance and expansion of urban infrastructure,

reports on environmentally friendly forms of urban mobility,

provides information on innovative solutions for information and communication technology (ICT) and the digitalisation of urban functions, and

deals with the theory and practice of creating liveable urban space.

Unmanned Systems Technology.com (UST) is dedicated to technology and innovation within unmanned systems. Their website and weekly e-newsletter provide up-to-the-minute information about technological developments in this sector – both military and commercial – to a global audience, with over 80,000 visitors from over 200 countries every month. Their comprehensive supplier profiles showcase products, services and capabilities in the unmanned land, sea and air vehicle industry.

COORDINATES, is an exclusive international monthly magazine on positioning, navigation, and beyond. It focuses on GPS/GALILEO/GLONASS and other related technologies and applications like Mapping, Surveying, Cartography, Timing etc. It also highlights GIS, Remote Sensing, LIDAR, Photogrammetry etc and their applications. Download complete magazine for FREE from www.mycoordinates.org

The American Surveyor is the only magazine for land surveyors that is owned and operated by a licensed surveyor. Editor Marc Cheves, PS, leads a stellar team of nationally recognized industry professionals who share valuable expertise and insight on business, technology, GPS, real property case law, current legislation, controversial issues, education, product reviews, fascinating history, and much more.

LIDAR Magazine, a Spatial Media publication, promotes the adoption of lidar and imaging technology. Dr. A. Stewart Walker leads an expert editorial team, bringing insights and commentary to readers via print editions, eNewsletters, webinars and more. Published 6x annually, the magazine reaches a global audience of geomatics and engineering professionals.

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Unmanned network’s mission is to support all professional functions and company officials across the extensive unmanned eco-system through generating leads, making connections, and promoting businesses.

GeoInformatics provides coverage, analysis and commentary with respect to the international surveying, mapping and GIS industry.
Recognizing the integrated nature of the geospatial information industry, GeoInformatics presents thought provoking and useful information.

In a world in which more and more information sources are being merged and systems are becoming more and more integrated, BIGnieuws is the Dutch online platform that brings together stories from construction, infrastructure and GeoInformation.

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SurveyingGroup is creating and publishing daily geospatial news which is inspiring for you. Join the monthly 100,000+ professionals who rely on them to be up-to-date geospatial industry trends

Die Allgemeine Bauzeitung – ABZ is Germany's most widely read construction newspaper with a weekly distribution to more than 36,000 recipients in print and as an ePaper.

DRONELIFE is a leading online news site covering the most important stories in the commercial drone and advanced air mobility sectors. DRONELIFE is the place that industry leaders seek news about the newest drone technologies, applications, regulations and business activity.

Africa Surveyors is Africa’s premier source of Surveying, Geospatial and Mapping, Construction, Maritime, Engineering, Agricultural and Mining Survey news on new trends and technology on the surveying and mapping industry.

GoGeomatics is the largest and most popular communications hub promoting the Canadian geospatial community.They support the industry by providing a showcase through which the community can showcase technologies, services and people on a global, national and local level. They provide an unbiased space for individuals, organizations, businesses and all levels of government to get the most up-to-date geospatial information.

GISCafe is an online magazine offering GIS and geospatial professionals daily GIS news, executive interviews, event postings, blogs, job placement and more. GISCafe receives more than 75,000 unique visitors and its daily newsletter has more than 40,000 subscribers. Subscribe to the daily newsletter at GISCafe.Com.

Inside GNSS is the media brand of record for precision positioning, navigation, timing (PNT) and related technologies. We’ve covered the subject matter with technical depth, credibility and authority for over 17 years to our worldwide audience of design engineers, systems integrators and policy and program managers.

Inside Unmanned Systems provides actionable business intelligence to decision-makers and influencers operating within the dynamic global UAS community. Analysis of key technologies, independent reports on the latest policy and regulatory developments, and evaluation of new product designs and applications support the results stakeholders need to succeed across the commercial, civil and defense sectors.

With its customized specialist media on geoinformatics/GIS, geodesy/surveying, photogrammetry/remote sensing and traffic planning, Herbert Wichmann Verlag is regarded as one of the top addresses in this field. The range includes specialist books, loose-leaf publications, the magazine avn, the gis.magazine group (gis.Business and gis.Science) and the online portal gis.Point with the associated free newsletter and the geo-IT podcast gis.Radio. Once a year, Wichmann Verlag presents the Wichmann Innovations Award as part of Intergeo.