INTERGEO EXPO & CONFERENCE with 500 international brands and experts on BIM, Digital Twins, Geopositioning and IoT in Construction takes place in October 2022. Focus is on digital twins and their use and benefits in BIM, smart construction, and smart cities.

The venue hosting INTERGEO 2022 is Messe Essen, Germany. Participation is possible from 18-20 October 2022 live on site, as well as digitally on the web. The three-day trade event is aimed at experts and interested parties from the fields of construction, housing and urban development, as well as technology trends on the topics of developments in surveying, positioning, 4D geodata and geospatial IoT to mobile mapping applications.

Construction, housing and urban development

The future issues of construction, housing and urban development - whether in existing buildings or in new neighborhood planning - are in a permanent state of tension between land consumption and climate and resource protection. The goal of creating affordable housing while at the same time achieving sustainability goals requires considerable, joint efforts. This includes the effective use of existing expertise, especially in the sectors of urban planning, official and private land valuation and real estate market monitoring, and construction.

The INTERGEO conference offers a broad discourse with the participation of more than 1,000 expected experts and decision-makers from administrations, science and industry. The main focus, especially on the second day of the conference, will be on technical and analytical solutions to the challenges of sustainable housing policy. Topics such as the "digital twin," "BIM," "smart cities" and the networking of "real estate market data" will be discussed.

With around 500 companies, INTERGEO EXPO is one of the largest events in the geospatial industry worldwide. In addition to innovative start-ups, international key players such as Autodesk, Esri Inc, Hexagon, Trimble, Topcon and many more companies are already registered. "We will again have live programs at our STAGES this year, passing on practical knowledge," says Daniel Katzer. INTERAERIAL SOULTIONS is once again integrated into INTERGEO with the latest developments in drones, UAV applications in surveying, agriculture, construction and security.

Digital Twins

The technology of digital twins in combination with geodata promises to provide solutions for pressing sociopolitical issues such as housing and mobility of the future, but also for more global challenges such as sustainability and climate change.

Their use in Building Information Modeling, smart planning and construction, and mobility, will be the focus of the event. A lot goes hand in hand with this: the further development of urban data platforms in the context of smart cities and their variety of applications, as well as the use of smart city solutions in terms of innovation and sustainability, and as a basis for predictions and scenarios in the event of disasters.

> Keynote on digital twins and mirror worlds

INTERGEO EXPO and CONFERENCE will take place October 18-20 in Essen, Germany. And for those who do not have the opportunity to come to Essen, there is still the opportunity to participate remotely.