This is the motto of this year's INTERGEO in Hanover. Thematically, everything revolves around innovations in geodesy and measurement technology, including everything from tape measures to flying 360° laser scanners. The application area of the technical solutions ranges from the center of the earth to intergalactic space. In the Stage and Conference area, industry experts will discuss groundbreaking innovations as well as applications, for example in the fight against climate change.

Those who are enthusiastic about technology or are studying in this field will not only have the chance to gain exclusive insights into a future-oriented industry, but will also have the opportunity to talk to experts and get advice in the career forum.

We invite you to participate in the fair and the EXPO STAGE free of charge!
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We measure the world!

INTERGEO brings together the diverse fields of application of geodesy. Here you will find industry leaders, innovators and start-ups from the fields of technology and industry, climate and environment, land and soil, mobility, smart cities and UAV.

The diverse applications of geodesy:

Reconstruction of Notre Dame with BIM support

Autodesk has an official patronage dedicated to the conservation and restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral. INTERGEO talked about the engagement to Emmanuel Di Giacomo, BIM Ecosystem Development Manager by Autodesk.

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Yu Feng, a PhD student at the Institute of Cartography and Geoinformatics at Leibniz University in Hannover, has analysed in his thesis how images in social media can help to understand and assess the extent of a flood disaster. Yu Feng will present his results at the Intergeo CONFERENCE.

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Determining flood levels through social media

Hochwasserstand ermitteln durch Soziale Medien


Best cases, tailor-made applications and solutions for your problem - from the fields of UAV/Drones, BIM, Smart City, GeoInnovation and Start-Ups. Presented live for you by experts on the EXPO STAGE.

Speaker Highlights:

Ulrich Ahle
Michael Hofmann
Fabien Sauthier


The Conference reflects the INTERGEO motto "Inspiration for a smarter World" in all its facets. It takes up current and future-oriented topics: Sustainability issues and "Green data for all", technology trends such as Machine Learning and Virtual Reality, in the field of positioning the focus on Galileo and Precise Point Positioning, but also Autonomous Driving and visualization methods.

It is about digitalization in cities, about changed mobility and citizen participation. Further development and innovations in BIM are also a topic, as is the handling of large amounts of data. You will be informed about current trends in robotics and UAV and it will be shown how user-generated geoinformation and artificial intelligence can optimize geospatial applications.

Speaker Highlights:

Dr. Maren Fröhlich
Markus Schmitz
Dr. Eduard Escalona Zorita