Who has received the access data?

After your successful registration as an exhibitor you have received an e-mail with access data from us for this purpose (subject of the e-mail: INTERGEO 2021 - Your access data). This mail was delivered to the contact person indicated on the registration form. Please use the user name and password to log in to the Exhibitor-Service-Portal.

I have not received an e-mail with access data. What to do?

First of all, please make sure that the mail has not landed in the spam folder of your e-mail inbox. If not, please contact the INTERGEO team at intergeo@hinte-messe.de

I have forgotten my password to the Exhibitor-Service-Portal. What to do?

On the homepage of the Exhibitor-Service-Portal you have the option to change your password. To do so, please click on "Forgotten password" below the login window. Enter your customer number and e-mail address (identical to the registration) and click on "Apply". You will shortly receive a new password by e-mail.

My username and password do not work. What to do?

Please contact the INTERGEO team at intergeo@hinte-messe.de

Do co-exhibitors get their own access?

Yes, the contact person indicated on the co-exhibitor application will receive by e-mail his/her own access data for the Exhibitor-Service-Portal.

My stored company data is incorrect. How can I change them?

If the company name or address displayed in the Exhibitor-Service-Portal is incorrect, please contact us by e-mail, stating your change requests, at intergeo@hinte-messe.de



Where can I place my technical orders and by when do they have to be placed?

Orders for electricity, water, internet, telecommunications, suspensions, plants, stand cleaning, waste disposal, security, catering, permits, parking, etc. will be processed via the Shop for INTERGEO 2021 of Deutsche Messe AG. You will find the link in the Exhibitor-Service-Portal.

Deadline for technical orders : Please note the deadlines given, e.g. the overview in the document "Information - At a glance" in the Exhibitor-Service-Portal.


Are there deadlines for certain orders?

Yes, the respective order deadlines can be found directly in the respective product description in the Exhibitor-Service-Portal.

When do I have to pay for the ordered items?

You will be charged for the items after INTERGEO via the utility bill.

Are the orders I have placed still visible after I have completed the booking?

Yes, you can view all orders in the "Order history" menu tab (below your user account). Here you will find an overview of all marketing orders ever placed for your company account.

Stand and technology

Is stand construction mandatory? What must be observed?

Yes, the following regulations apply:

  • Package S: When booking stands with package "S", the choice of a stand construction package via the organizer is obligatory in the sense of a uniform design.
  • From package M: For stands from Package "M", stand construction is obligatory in the form of partition and rear walls at the border to the neighboring stands. These are not included in the stand space booking. Additions to the open sides of the stand are permitted up to a maximum of 50% per side. Furthermore, please remember to carpet the floor of the rented stand. (Carpets can only be fixed with double-sided adhesive tape, self-adhesive carpet tiles are not permitted). If you do not bring your own stand construction, you can order it for a fee via the online store of our trade fair construction partner Meplan GmbH Exhibitor-Service-Portal All stands must have fascia lettering or the company name must be displayed in a recognizable manner and size.
  • Please additionally note the information in the form “Information - At a glance“

How and where can I book stand construction or stand equipment?

INTERGEO offers four differenttypes of stand construction packages for exhibitors. These include stand construction, stand equipment, lighting and much more. You can book these directly with the INTERGEO team. Alternatively, you will find a direct link to the online store of our trade fair construction partner Meplan GmbH in theExhibitor-Service-Portal. In the online store of the stand construction company, you have the option of ordering stand construction packages or individual equipment elements (such as furniture).

Do I need to have my stand construction approved or which stand constructions require a separate permit?

Für folgende Stände der INTERGEO (inkl. der Themenplattformen), ist eine planning release/stand construction permit is required (in deviation from the technical guidelines of Deutsche Messe AG):

  • from stand area type XL (98 m²)
  • for planned stand extensions of more than 50 % per open stand side

Inspection and approval of buildings requiring permits (building permit procedure)

In accordance with the technical guidelines of Deutsche Messe AG, an inspection must also be obtained from Messe Hannover for the following stands:

  • multi-story stands,
  • Buildings in the open air,
  • Special constructions,
  • Exhibits over 6.50 m high

Stand construction permits must be submitted in writing to the INTERGEO organizer or to Deutsche Messe AG. You can find more information in the Exhibitor-Service-Portal

I need furniture for my stand. Where can I order this?

You can order furniture for a fee via the online store of our trade fair construction partner MEPLAN GmbH (link via the Exhibitor-Service-Portal)

Will trash be disposed of from my booth during the event?

Yes, waste disposal is included during the trade fair period. You have already paid for this via your invoice with the waste disposal flat rate. For this purpose, please collect your waste in waste bags and place them clearly visible at your stand boundary for collection at the end of each day of the trade fair.

Is stand cleaning included in the participation fees?

No, stand cleaning is not included. If you would like to have your stand cleaned, please order it via the Shop for INTERGEO 2021 of Deutsche Messe AG. You will find the link in the Exhibitor-Service-Portal .

Is there free WLAN for exhibitors?

No, we recommend booking a LAN connection for product presentations if you need an Internet connection for this. You can place your order in the INTERGEO Shop of Deutsche Messe. You will find the corresponding link in the Exhibitor-Service-Portal.

Exhibitor passes

How many free exhibitor passes am I entitled to? How do I get my free quota?

Main exhibitors:

Depending on the package booked, each main exhibitor receives a fixed number of exhibitor passes free of charge:

Package S = 4 exhibitor passes

Package M = 8 exhibitor passes

Package L = 12 exhibitor passes

Package XL = 16 exhibitor passes

Package XXL = 20 exhibitor passes

Co-exhibitors, or additional representing partners at the booth:

You are entitled to four exhibitor passes free of charge.

Your free quota will be displayed in the Ticket & Management Console (Link via the Exhibitor-Service-Portal) under "Service Exhibition Stand/Exhibitor" in the "Ticket Quotas" tab.

Please note that you must personalize the exhibitor passes. You can do this under the "Planning stand personnel" tab. You can then send the digital tickets directly to your staff. The tickets are not transferable.

IMPORTANT: For the purpose of tracking all persons present, registration is mandatory both during the set-up and dismantling phases and on the days of the event. Access will only be granted with a valid construction and dismantling pass or exhibitor pass.

What can I do if I need more exhibitor passes and the number of additional passes exceeds the free quota? How much do additional passes cost?

Additional exhibitor passes can be ordered in the Ticket & Management Console (link via the Exhibitor-Service-Portal ). These will be invoiced at 48 euros per piece after the event as part of the ancillary cost settlement.

Which exhibitor passes will I be charged for?

The free quota will be automatically deducted from the number of exhibitor passes used before the ancillary costs are billed and will not be invoiced. You only pay for the additional exhibitor passes that exceed the free quota.

At what times do I have access to the exhibition grounds with my exhibitor pass?

During the show, you will have access to the exhibition halls at the following times with your exhibitor pass:

Tuesday, 21.09.2021 07.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.

Wednesday, 22.09.2021 08.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.

Thursday, 23.09.2021 08.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.

Re-entries are possible in the process. Please note that the exhibition stands must be occupied by 8:45 a.m. at the latest.

IMPORTANT: For the traceability of all persons involved, set-up and dismantling passes are required this year! Only with a valid set-up and dismantling pass will access be granted to the site.

Does my exhibitor pass entitle me to free public transportation?

No, unfortunately an exhibitor pass does not entitle you to free use of public transport.

Are assembly and disassembly passes required?

In order to be able to trace all persons present , registration is mandatory during the set-up and dismantling phases as well as on the days of the event. Access will only be granted with a valid construction and dismantling pass.

Customer invitations

I would like to invite my customers to INTERGEO. How do I proceed?

As an exhibitor at INTERGEO LIVE + DIGITAL, you have the opportunity to invite your customers to the EXPO free of charge. These customer invitations can be ordered in any quantity in the Ticket & Management Console (Link in the Exhibitor-Service-Portal). The codes will be made available to you for download as an Excel file and can then be sent to your customers. Alternatively, you can also send the codes to your customers directly from the Ticket & Management console using our invitation tool. They then have the opportunity to register for a free 3-Day EXPO Hybrid ticket and save 120.00 euros. Please note that the redeemed voucher codes will not be charged to you as an exhibitor or to your customers. This service is completely free of charge!

How can I send the coupon codes to my customers?

The following two options are available for this purpose:

Option 1 - You transmit the coupon codes to your customers yourself:

You can download the list of ordered links as an Excel file in the ticket & management console (Link in the Exhibitor-Service-Portal ). You can find the overview of the voucher codes you have ordered under the heading "Visitor Vouchers: Print Vouchers, Voucher Codes, Campaigns" and the menu tab "Download Vouchers" there. In the Excel spreadsheet, the voucher codes are provided as registration codes in numerical form and as a direct registration link with an included code. You can use them for example in your newsletter campaign or in an individual mailing to your customers.

Option 2 - Use our invitation tool in the ticket and management console:

With the help of our tool, you can invite your customers to INTERGEO directly via e-mail from the Ticket & Management Console (via the link in the Exhibitor-Service-Portal ). Category "Visitor vouchers: Print vouchers, voucher codes, campaigns" and the menu tab "Invite visitors" there. There you have the choice of either inviting your customers to the event with a text template provided by us or to enter your own invitation text. Your visitors will then receive an e-mail with a voucher link in your name and can register directly in our online ticket store.

How can I invite my customers using the invitation tool in the Ticket and Management Console?

You can create campaigns and mailings under the "Invite visitors" item. The customer invitations can be organized by means of campaigns. The campaigns help you to group your customers and make them easier to handle, e.g. for registration, reminder mailings and reporting.

A wizard helps you to create the campaign. Of course, you can also proceed without the wizard, select contingent and badge type and deposit an email template according to your wishes. Optionally, you can enter the data of people individually or download the Excel template to enter entire groups.

What types of tickets do the voucher codes include?

After successful registration in our online ticket store, your customers will receive a free 3-Day EXPO hybrid ticket for their visit to INTERGEO EXPO, including the theme platforms and the lectures on the EXPO stages:

  • BIM for Infrastructure

The ticket entitles you to admission during opening hours. Please note that a separate, chargeable ticket is required for all other INTERGEO CONFERENCE presentations.

Is it possible to track which customers have redeemed the free coupon codes?

Yes, registrations generated from a visitor invitation via the invitation tool can be shown in the Ticket & Management console. The corresponding overview can be found under the heading "Visitor vouchers: print vouchers, voucher codes, campaigns". The "Visitor registered" item provides information on how many of the invited persons have registered for a ticket. You can access further details under the "Search / Clearing" tab.

Do the tickets redeemed with the voucher code entitle the holder to free travel on public transport?

No, the free trade fair tickets do not entitle the holder to use public transport.

Communication and marketing

What advertising opportunities are there for me as an exhibitor?

You have a wide range of advertising options at your disposal, both live and digital, with which you can increase the visibility of your company.

Our Tip:

  • Logo Package Print & Online
  • Standalone-Infomail
  • For more information, please refer to our Marketing Service Guide, which you can find in the Exhibitor-Service-Portal.

    What advertising opportunities are available on the exhibition grounds during the trade fair?

    If you would like to increase your company's presence on the exhibition grounds and draw visitors' attention to your stand, you have the option of booking various advertising spaces. For further information please refer to our Marketing-Service-Guide (in the Exhibitor-Service-Portal).

    Where may I display or distribute my flyers during the trade fair?

    The display of flyers and other advertising materials is only possible at the exhibitor's own stand.

    I have further questions about the marketing services. Who can I contact?

    Our team will be happy to advise you on how you can optimally increase your company's visibility at INTERGEO. For all questions regarding our marketing services, please contact us by phone: +49 (0)721-93133-660 or by mail to sales@hinte-messe.de.

    Further questions

    I am an exhibitor and would like to give a presentation. What opportunities are there for me to be involved in the program as an exhibitor?

    We appreciate your interest in presenting at INTERGEO and look forward to your topic suggestions. As an exhibitor you can participate in the following programs:

    • BIM for Infrastructure

    The Call for Ideas to submit your presentation can be found here.

    Items have been stolen from my stand. Will the costs incurred be reimbursed?

    The organizer is not liable for lost, damaged or stolen property of exhibitors.

    Our tip for you:

    • If your stand is not permanently manned (even at night), you can order stand security from Deutsche Messe AG for a fee.
    • In addition, protect your high-quality products and your stand against all eventualities by taking out exhibitor and transport insurance.

    You can book both in the Exhibitor-Service-Portal.

    Does my booth staff need a letter of invitation from the organizer for the visa application?

    With effect from July 24, 2013, the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany has informed the visa offices at the missions abroad of the Federal Republic of Germany that, in principle, future applications for a visa to visit a trade fair in Germany no longer require the submission of an invitation from the respective trade fair company.

    Please refer to this information when applying for your visa. In order to receive your visa in time before the fair, we advise you to take care of your visa application early.

    Please contact the relevant embassy in your country at an early stage regarding possible travel restrictions and extended requirements for visa applications. The INTERGEO team will be happy to assist you should it not be possible for some of your stand personnel to travel to Hannover.

    May I take photos and film at the fair?

    Commercial photography and filming on the exhibition grounds is only permitted to photographers authorized by the organizer. Exceptions require the written permission of the organizer. The organizer is entitled to use photographs of any kind for general or own publications. For this purpose, exhibitors waive all objections arising from copyright law.