Stonex is an Italian company known as one of the best in the world in the fields of measurement and surveying. Its network of 200 distributors spread worldwide enables Stonex to have a global presence.

The driving force behind Stonex's success lies in its ability to combine cutting-edge sensing technologies with practical and ergonomic design, with the goal of simplifying the daily work of professionals across various sectors, including:

- Building and Construction: Offering millimeter precision and reliability.

- Cadastral Survey: Providing precise data for well-defined boundaries.

- GIS Data Collection: Offering advanced solutions for geospatial mapping.

- 3D Scanning and SLAM: Providing real-time 3D scans for various applications.

- Machine Control: Ensuring precision in construction and ground movement.

- Monitoring: Guaranteeing the safety and stability of infrastructure.

- Agriculture: Optimizing agricultural processes.

GNSS Plus Series:

The new Plus Series of GNSS Receivers is equipped with the latest technology available on the market. With 1408 channels and an IMU sensor, they can meet any requirement and satisfy any need.

Android Total Stations:

The new Android-based total stations allow efficient and rapid data collection in the field. They are a perfect complement to Cube-a, our feature-rich field software.

SLAM and vSLAM 3D Scanners:

Our SLAM and vSLAM solutions are highly effective at capturing detailed point clouds. Our vSLAM 3D scanner is unique in its category, allowing you to capture point clouds with unprecedented detail and color fidelity.

Cube-Suite Software:

Our suite of field and office software enables you to collect and process data, ensuring a fast and seamless data flow.

Machine Control Solutions:

Our machine control solutions are continually enhanced, thanks to the experience of our engineering team, which enables us to develop solutions tailored to market demands.

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11:30 - 12:30 - MOBILE MAPPING | EXPO STAGE Hall 1.2 / C1.010 - Federica Pederzani - 3D Product Manager