In the latest edition of INTERGEO TV, we welcome Christoph Kany, an expert in the field of geoinformation and head of the working group Geodata Management at DVW e.V..

Christoph Kany developed a passion for geoinformation in his youth. His career began as a surveyor's assistant in the 1990s, followed by an apprenticeship as a survey technician and a degree in geography with a focus on GIS. In addition to his work at Esri Germany, he is involved in his hometown Bornheim, where he teaches primary school children how to use geoinformation systems.

Christoph Kany currently heads the working group on geodata management at DVW e.V., the organizer of INTERGEO. The focus of the working group is on demonstrating the diverse applications of geoinformation and providing decision-makers with tangible key figures and analyses.

In the INTERGEO TV interview, Kany talks about the importance of geoinformation in key challenges such as climate change, digitization and urbanization. He emphasizes that almost all issues have a spatial reference and geoinformation is therefore indispensable. The integration of geodata into planning processes enables the creation of digital twins that vividly illustrate complex issues.

Kany emphasizes the importance of bringing together different data sources and perspectives to provide comprehensive and understandable answers to complex questions. In neighborhood development, for example, 3D models and digital twins can help make urban planning and changes visualizable and promote citizen participation.

A video example from Mönchengladbach shows how geo-information can be used for smart urban development. Here, the prototype of a digital twin is used for the redesign of residential streets to integrate environmental data and traffic analyses. The digital twin makes it possible to visualize planned changes in the real environment and to actively involve citizens.

INTERGEO TV with Christoph Kany goes deep into the fascinating world of geospatial information and shows how this data can be used in a wide range of areas, from urban development to environmental monitoring, to gain insights and support decision-making processes.

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