WGIC collaborates with DVW e.V. to make INTERGEO a more global and vibrant platform for forward-looking discussions on geospatial and allied technologies.

The Hague, The Netherlands, August 29, 2022 – The World Geospatial Industry Council (WGIC) and German Association for Geodesy, Geoinformation and Land Management (DVW e.V.) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that will broaden the horizons of INTERGEO as a global and vibrant platform. Both organizations will work towards enriching the INTERGEO 2022 conference, scheduled to be held in Essen, Germany, from October 18-22, 2022, with practical geospatial insights and solutions to create a smarter world. This partnership strengthens INTERGEO and enables extended benefits to the participating geospatial community.

WGIC will bring its extensive knowledge from its programs on geospatial policies, climate change, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and industry-academia collaboration into the partnership. Further, WGIC will organize partner meetings and networking receptions to facilitate the cooperation of WGIC members and partners with the diverse geospatial industry at INTERGEO.

As part of this partnership, DVW e.V. will work closely with WGIC to assimilate its ideas and vision for the geospatial industry into the INTERGEO conference agenda. During INTERGEO 2022, WGIC will access the main EXPO STAGE to launch the first edition of the WGIC Trailblazer Awards to recognize and celebrate exemplary leadership in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the geospatial industry.

Starting in 2023, WGIC will hold plenary sessions, workshops, round tables and other interactions in physical or hybrid modes at INTERGEO. The conference will offer opportunities for WGIC to release knowledge reports relevant to the global geospatial ecosystem.

WGIC President KEN MOOYMAN announced the partnership, saying, "The opportunity of the geospatial industry to make meaningful impacts to the global economy and society has never been greater. INTERGEO’s global community provides WGIC a unique platform to facilitate knowledge and cooperation with the goal to maximize both the business opportunities and the positive impact to society."

WGIC Executive Director BARBARA RYAN said, "We thank DVW e.V. for this strategic partnership. WGIC looks forward to actively engaging in, and contributing to, INTERGEO with our network of commercial companies working in the geospatial sector – a sector that touches every person, every day."

HANSJÖRG KUTTERER, , President of DVW e.V., said, "The strategic partnership between DVW e.V. and WGIC is an important measure to further enrich our outstanding global platform INTERGEO for the geospatial community."


The World Geospatial Industry Council (WGIC) is a global not-for-profit trade association of private sector companies working in the geospatial ecosystem. WGIC collaborates with multilateral organizations, public authorities, and user industry communities to strengthen the geospatial industry's contributions to society and the global economy. Through policy research, advocacy, and outreach programs, WGIC facilitates the exchange of knowledge and co-creating business opportunities for the geospatial industry. Through the WGIC Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), WGIC advocates and champions DEI best practices and guidelines for the geospatial ecosystem.

For more information, contact, https://wgicouncil.org/contact/

The 28th edition of INTERGEO, the leading international event for forward-looking geo applications, will take place from October 18 - 20, 2022, at Messe Essen. INTERGEO is a hybrid event this year and will offer several platforms, including EXPO STAGE, integrated drone exhibition, FLIGHTZONE outdoors, and an online platform with digital offerings to make INTERGEO more inclusive of all ecosystem members.

INTERGEO is annually hosted by DVW and staged by HINTE Messe- und Ausstellungs-GmbH. DVW is the largest association of professional surveyors in Germany and promotes the science, research, and practice of geodesy, geoinformation and land management.

For more information, contact: www.intergeo.de.