What are the main topics? What will INTERGEO 2022 look like? INTERGEO TV host Denise Wenzel gives a brief update on the current state in this video. Save the INTERGEO date in your calendar now. Hope to see you soon!

Where and when will INTERGEO 2022 take place?

INTERGEO 2022 will be held at Essen, Germany from October 18-20, 2022 and more than 80 percent of the exhibitors have already indicated that they will be in Essen and the hall plans are getting filled up. INTERGEO in Essen traditionally attracts many visitors from western Germany, and the Benelux countries always being especially well represented. Thanks to the airports in Düsseldorf and Cologne, there are also good transport connections for international guests. In terms of content, the topics of BIM and digital construction will continue to gain in importance. Many infrastructure projects are underway, which is having a noticeable effect on demand.

What are the main topics?

Conference and expo address current and future-oriented topics and reflect the motto "Inspiration for a smarter World". It’s about Geoinnovation, Applications with Drones, Smart City, BIM and many more! It also highlights new developments in surveying: from spatial reference and positioning to 4D geodata and Geospatial IoT to mobile mapping applications. Earth observation data collected via satellites is also becoming increasingly important - due to climate change. And in 2022, digital twins and their use in digital planning and construction, smart cities, mobility, traffic planning, etc. will be of particular importance at the Conference!

What will INTERGEO 2022 look like?

We assume that INTERGEO in Essen will take place almost as usual again. Visitors and exhibitors have indicated to us that they enjoyed INTERGEO 2021 very much and that Essen is already firmly in their diaries. In addition, there is a high quota of returnees this year who had to miss 2021 because of the pandemic. At the same time, INTERGEO 2022 will be held hybrid, so you can conveniently attend from anywhere should you not be able to come to Essen. You will also be able to discover the exhibitors and their product innovations via the digital platform. Save the Date for INTERGEO 2022 in your calender now, and hopefully we will see you all soon!