Stuttgart is being transformed into a stage for sustainable solutions and international cooperation

How geoinformation at INTERGEO 2024 will revolutionise global industries

Stuttgart / Karlsruhe, 25 March 2024 From 24 to 26 September 2024, Messe Stuttgart will be the beating heart of the geospatial community. INTERGEO, a world-leading event for geodesy, geoinformation and land management, gathers together experts and visionary minds from all over the world. With 600 international brands, industry leaders, associations and start-ups, INTERGEO is underlining its position as number one in the geospatial community. The event promotes dialogue between these key stakeholders, encouraging them to network, cooperate and work together to shape the future. As an international platform, INTERGEO offers a global perspective and facilitates cross-border collaboration, with a view to making full use of the potential offered by geoinformation technologies and coordinating a collective response to global challenges.

From planning to forecasting – geoinformation as a driving force

Geoinformation is the invisible motor that drives today’s society and offers solutions to global challenges. The technologies and applications being showcased at INTERGEO 2024 are diverse. Ranging from the development of smart cities and sustainable agriculture to efficient environmental management, they clearly demonstrate that geodata and its associated applications and tools are of crucial importance – and not just in traditional areas such as navigation and mapping. They are also the key to innovative solutions for managing cross-sector challenges such as climate change, urban expansion and resource management.

INTERGEO 2024 will showcase how geoinformation technologies are driving innovations in many different areas. Alongside core topics, the expo and conference will cover a wide range of subjects, including BIM, Earth Observation, Digital Twins, Maritime Solutions and current developments on the Drone Market.

Highlights and innovations

The geospatial sector plays a key role for a whole host of industries – from urban planning and climate research to agriculture. INTERGEO 2024 provides a forum for dialogue and for showcasing innovations that form the basis for future-oriented solutions in public administration, business and science.

Innovative technologies such as high-precision LiDAR systems for drones and multiband aerial camera systems with thermographic capabilities will push forward developments in the geoinformation sector. INTERGEO in Stuttgart will also highlight the synergy that exists between geodata and the digital construction industry, especially due to the integration of BIM processes. BIM Days Germany will therefore once again be taking place at INTERGEO as an integrated event. Both at the conference and on a dedicated BIM stage at the expo, there will be a key focus – throughout the three days of the event – on the growing synergy between geodesy and the digital building industry, including aspects such as integration in BIM processes and sustainable carbon-neutral construction, renovation and maintenance.

A focus on Earth observation

One of the aims of INTERGEO 2024 is to establish itself as the leading international event relating to Earth observation. Earth observation is hugely important for a whole variety of applications, from climate research and urbanisation processes to agriculture. One key focus is the use of Earth observation data to support sustainable developments and deal with global challenges such as climate change. In view of extreme weather events, loss of biodiversity and pressure to urbanise, Earth observation data provides essential information for efficient adaptation and mitigation strategies.

The innovative Earth observation technologies being showcased at INTERGEO 2024 are crucial for understanding and monitoring climate-related phenomena. High-resolution satellite images and advanced analytical methods make it possible to precisely document and analyse changes in ecosystems, sea levels and glacial melting. This information is vital for developing climate adaptation strategies and reducing CO2 emissions. The INTERGEO Conference will include sessions on topics such as “Earth Observation for Managing the Green Transition” and “From Climate Change to Climate Adaptation – Consequences and Measures” (“Von Klimawandel zu Klimaanpassung - Konsequenzen und Massnahmen”) that will highlight the essential role played by Earth observation in society today. A keynote speech entitled “Earth Observation for our World in Change” will address the current challenges and solutions in relation to Earth observation.

As technologies become increasingly advanced and as more and more Earth observation data becomes available, these technologies and data will become even more relevant in the commercial landscape, opening up new business opportunities and helping to solve global challenges. According to recent data from market research company Euroconsult, for example, many new countries are joining the satellite manufacturing industry. Over the next decade, more than 3,500 EO satellites will be launched and close to 98 billion US dollars of revenues will be generated. This is almost triple the number of satellites launched between 2012 and 2021, and a 23 percent growth in market value. (Source:

Partnerships for a sustainable future

Strategic partnerships play a key role in the Earth observation sector. Collaboration between INTERGEO host DVW e.V. – the German Society for Geodesy, Geoinformation and Land Management – and leading organisations such as the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the European Space Agency (ESA) highlights the importance of international cooperation and joint efforts to make further advances in Earth observation. These partnerships are helping to push the boundaries of technology and leverage the associated applications for a sustainable future.

The world as one – geodata as a uniting force

In September 2024, the halls of Messe Stuttgart will turn into a living mosaic – the approximately 17,000 participants who are expected to attend the event from all over the world will transform INTERGEO into a global centre for geoinnovation, where the international community of geospatial experts will gather together to shape the world of tomorrow.

Besides bringing the international community together, however, INTERGEO 2024 will also demonstrate how global dialogue can lead to changes at local level. From urban planning that is inspired by international best practices to climate protection projects that are based on worldwide data – the event clearly demonstrates that the answers to local issues are often to be found in global dialogue.

The event offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into the future of geoinformation and Earth observation and to set the right course for the years to come. It invites the global community to become part of a movement that is shaping a sustainable future through innovation, technology and the sharing of knowledge.


The 30th edition of INTERGEO, the leading international event for forward-looking geospatial applications, will be held at Messe Stuttgart from September 24th to 26th, 2024.

INTERGEO is organized annually by DVW and hosted by HINTE Expo & Conference GmbH. DVW is the largest professional association of surveyors in Germany and promotes science, research and practice in geodesy, geoinformation and land management.



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