Frank Kindervatter, CEO of the Lower Rhine supplier NEW AG, sees changes in the energy industry as an opportunity. In his presentation at, he will give insights into projects and provide impulses for implementation proposals towards energy self-sufficient quarters.

What is your presentation at the INTERGEO EXPO STAGE about?

The presentation on smart, energy self-sufficient neighborhoods deals with our approach to how we as energy suppliers can contribute to the successful energy turnaround in new and later existing neighborhoods. We have tried to make a contribution in an innovation project, have made our first experiences and would like to share them with others. In our definition, smart neighborhood solutions must be energy self-sufficient; we are talking about a post-fossil age.

What will visitors learn from your presentation?

First of all, you can take with you an attitude that sees the changes in the energy industry as an opportunity. After all, energy self-sufficient neighborhoods first of all ensure that what we as energy suppliers have traditionally offered is at best omitted. We all have to rethink. But we can also take along some very classic suggestions on how to support neighborhoods with the most diverse requirements in their development towards sustainability and incorporate them in applications.

Who would you like to see as a participant?

The presentation is aimed at district and urban developers and those responsible in cities and municipalities. The presentation can also be used by colleagues from the industry as a first stop in an open exchange of ideas and experiences.

"Smart quarters - energy self-sufficient into the future. - Experience Frank Kindervatter at the STAGE of SMART CITY SOLUTIONS on OCTOBER 15th 2020