Remote condition monitoring specialist Senceive has announced the launch of its latest innovative product for structural and geotechnical applications.

FlexiMeasure is a highly portable, carbon fibre inclinometer designed for structural and borehole monitoring applications. It can be used in a variety of monitoring applications, including tunnel distortion and convergence, heave/settlement, borehole monitoring, retaining wall shape/stability, rail track bed twist and cant, and temperature measurement.

Because FlexiMeasure uses triaxial sensors it can be installed vertically or horizontally. Multiple segments can be effortlessly connected to form a string of flexibly coupled sensors. Joints are extremely flexible, so a string of segments can be fitted to complex structures such as bridge or tunnel arches with minimal impact on clearance.

What would normally be a difficult and time-consuming installation process with traditional bulky monitoring methods is incredibly easy with the lightweight FlexiMeasure segments. These come in a variety of lengths to suit specific requirements – 0.5 m, 1m, 2m and 3m. The modular system means it is easy to deploy in confined spaces and installation is quick. Most installations can be completed in an hour by one person without the need for vehicles or lifting equipment.

No cables are required – FlexiMeasure’s low power, wireless system can operate all year round with a small solar panel. Immediately after installation, FlexiMeasure self-configures and data collection will start within minutes. Readings are wirelessly sent off site and viewed on WebMonitor software or any compatible software on a selected reporting frequency. Frequency of readings can be easily changed remotely. The new system is unique in many ways, but is built around the same well-proven triaxial tilt sensor technology found in more than 30,000 Senceive sensors in use around the world today. Not only is FlexiMeasure quick, safe and easy to use, but once work is completed at one site it can be re-used in a different application or location – making it the most sustainable and cost-effective choice.

Because FlexiMeasure uses the same trusted tilt sensor technology as Senceive’s reliable wireless nodes you can be sure you are using a dependable product which will deliver accurate readings in a variety of applications. The speed and simplicity of installation, access to readings and reliability – all add up to a simpler, safer and more cost-effective monitoring solution for the most challenging applications.

Senceive technology is used in rail, construction, mining and many other demanding sectors. The company’s intelligent monitoring technology helps to keep people and infrastructure safe in more than 30 countries.