INTERGEO EXPO & CONFERENCE are back. As a live meeting, innovation platform and largest networking event of the international geo-IT industries. Around 400 international companies at the Expo and a conference oriented to current topics present geoinformation for a smarter world in Essen.

INTERGEO is back. With full steam, the best CONFERENCE program and an EXPO that allows only one message: Back to pre-Corona performance. "All the international key players in the industry are there. There is no doubt - they all want to get back to their customers*, to visitors*, to live atmosphere and the power of meeting," says Prof. Dr-Ing. Hansjörg Kutterer, President of the organizer DVW e.V., Society for Geodesy, Geoinformation and Land Management. Daniel Katzer of EXPO organizer Hinte Messe- und Ausstellungs-GmbH adds, "With our concept we are optimistic to bring INTERGEO back to pre-Covid-19 dimensions." Finally live again, finally back to normal. That's what not only the INTERGEO promoters and organizers want, but also the visitors. "The advance ticket sales alone show that INTERGEO in Essen, as the largest meeting of the international geocommunity, will be a great celebration of reunion," says Katzer.

Federal Minister Nancy Faeser assumes patronage

As in previous years, the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and Homeland has assumed patronage of INTERGEO. Nancy Faeser is thus following in the footsteps of her predecessors, who have accompanied INTERGEO since 2010. "This was and is an important and forward-looking signal for the professional community, the economy and for geoinformation as a whole," says Prof. Kutterer.

Geo-IT delivers solutions

Geo-IT has positioned itself as a solution provider, especially in the areas of mobility, environment and sustainability, climate protection and urbanization. According to Kutterer, problem solving in these areas would be inconceivable without geo-IT. The focus of EXPO and CONFERENCE is on innovative solutions for current issues such as homeland security, disaster prevention and control, construction and housing, mobility, sustainability and climate change. Top topics also include Open Data, Digital Twins and their use in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and engineering applications with UAV, laser scanning and monitoring.

Up close and personal: INTERGEO CONFERENCE in the sign of the times

INTERGEO CONFERENCE 2022 will focus on Digital Twins and their value creation, 4D geodata and Geospatial-IoT, potentials of remote sensing, BIM 4.0, industrial surveying, measurement systems and robotics, smart cities and mobility in the context of climate change and sustainability, mobile mapping, web services and GeoIT in disaster relief, spatial reference and positioning, earth observation and Galileo.

Digital Twins are making it big this year: Their use in Building Information Modeling, smart planning and construction, and mobility, will be the focus of the event. A lot goes hand in hand with this: the further development of urban data platforms in the context of smart cities and their variety of applications, as well as the use of smart city solutions in terms of innovation and sustainability, and as a basis for predictions and scenarios in the event of disasters. With INTERGEO CONFERENCE, DVW e.V. is fully committed to the solutions that society needs.

"Mirror Worlds: Germany's Digital Twin Grows!"

In his keynote address at the opening of INTERGEO 2022, Dr. Jürgen Dold, Executive Vice President of Hexagon, will talk about technological advances in the creation and updating of digital mirror worlds. They make a fundamental contribution to Germany's Digital Twin, which was launched in 2021 with a pilot in the Hamburg metropolitan region. Germany's digital twin is considered the backbone for sustainable development of smart cities and smart nations. It is to become the central tool for a wide range of organizations, administrative units and authorities responsible for spatial planning, public safety, crisis and disaster management, precision agriculture, forest and water management and environmental protection. The Digital Twin is thus an excellent basis for a future-oriented digital transformation of Germany.

EXPO on the way back to its greatness

With around 400 companies, EXPO is once again one of the largest events in the geospatial industry worldwide. In addition to innovative start-ups, international key players such as Autodesk, Esri Inc, Hexagon, Trimble, Topcon and many more companies are already registered! "We will have live programs at our STAGES again this year, passing on practical knowledge," says Daniel Katzer.

INTERGEO EXPO and CONFERENCE will take place from October 18 to 20 in Essen, Germany. And for all those who have to go further afield, there is still the opportunity to attend remotely. All important information on the program and tickets can be found at

Some program highlights of the conference at a glance

Tuesday, 18.October 2022

9:30 Opening Keynote; Presentations from 11:30 until 15:00:

"Technology trends I - What does the future hold?“, Mr. Prof. Dr. Seuß

"Technology trends II - Market-oriented development“, Mr. Stefan Sandmann

"Positional I - GNSS in practice“, Mr. Prof. Steffen Schön

Wednesday, 19. October 2022

Presentations from 9:30 until 17:30:


"BIM from A to Z process overview + decision support for practice", Mr. Prof. Andreas Eichhorn

"Integration of BIM and GIS (presented by BuildingSmart)", Mr. Georg Knobloch

"Open BIM Workflows (Presented by BVBS)", Mr. Uwe Hüttner

"Infrastructure planning with BIM-applications", Mr. Prof. Dr. Christian Clemen

Thursday, 20. October 2022

Presentations from 9:30 until 16:00:

"Remote sensing and sustainability“, Mr. Prof. Andreas Eichhorn

"Multi-scale environmental monitoring“, Mr. Prof. Andreas Eichhorn