Thomas P. Kersten is a professor of photogrammetry and laser scanning at HafenCity University Hamburg, Germany, where he is also head of the Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning Lab. The Institute takes advantage of INTERGEO Digital to attract students and find cooperation partners.

Prof. Kersten, the HafenCity University Hamburg - University of Architecture and Metropolitan Development (HCU) - focuses teaching and research on the future of metropolises. The department of GEODESISIALS AND GEOINFORMATION covers the whole range of acquisition, processing, analysis and presentation of geodata in research and development. Exhibit at INTERGEO Digital with your speciality. What can visitors expect?

We will present our Bachelor and Master programme Geodesy and Geoinformatics with its three main focuses Geodetic Metrology, Geoinformation Technology and Hydrography and selected research and project work. We can be reached live in the chat window and via the video conference room to get in contact with interested visitors.

How does INTERGEO and its digital concept fit into your education, which has certainly also been adapted to the crisis?

Due to the difficult situation in times of pandemic, we consider INTERGEO Digital to be an optimal and exciting version, which at least enables online information exchange and network building. Of course, this also fits in with the current situation in teaching, as our teaching was converted ad hoc to digital with many practical homework exercises in the summer semester. In the coming winter semester, all courses will be hybrid, i.e. lectures will be digital (partly asynchronous again) and practical exercises will take place in small groups in the HCU building. For the first semester, however, attendance courses are also planned so that these first-year students have time to arrive at the university.

Who would you like to meet at your stand from 13 to 15.10.2020?

We are happy about every visitor to our digital stand. First and foremost, we want to promote our Bachelor's and Master's programmes at HCU Hamburg to young prospective students. We are also interested in contacts for potential project cooperations with industry and research cooperations with other universities and industry.