The current exhibition in the Oberhausen Gasometer shows the beauty of nature and the influence of man on his environment. "The Fragile Paradise" takes visitors on a visually stunning journey through the turbulent climatic history of our Earth and shows in impressive, award-winning photographs and videos how the animal and plant world is changing in times of the Anthropocene.

The multimedia exhibition broadly documents tensions between exuberant beauty and terrifying destruction of our homeland. "For this, we have painstakingly brought together more than 100 award-winning photographs, stirring film footage and original exhibits from the past 180 million years," Jeanette Schmitz tells us. The managing director of the Gasometer Oberhausen is looking forward to many visitors*: "Finally, we can present our guests the new exhibition "The Fragile Paradise" with all its stirring facets - including our virtual worlds and of course the absolute highlight: the imposing globe."

The Earth Observation Center of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) has been busy collecting satellite data: of clouds, aircraft and ship movements, ocean surfaces and ocean depths, during the day and at night. Nils Sparwasser, project manager at DLR, explains the sheer volume of data: "No single satellite is capable of providing the kind of view that can be marveled at in the gasholder. Just being able to track typhoons and hurricanes around the globe requires the combination of a dozen different data sets. As a source, we use receiving stations all over the world, from the Arctic to Antarctica, but of course also in Germany. For example, in Oberpfaffenhofen or Neustrelitz."

All these measurements help us to understand the complex ecosystem of our earth - scientifically, but also emotionally: united in an animated projection, a total work of art full of visually powerful grace is created on the 20-meter globe. This visual experience is accompanied by music composed especially for the exhibition by the Austrian composer Rupert Huber.

Nitrogen oxides, the clearing of large primeval forests, oil pollution in the sea or the visualization of the hole in the ozone layer - the twenty illuminated globes on the middle floor of the Gasometer Oberhausen show the results of long-term analyses of earth observation by specialized satellites. In a vivid and tangible way, "The Fragile Paradise" not only invites visitors to a very personal exploration of our home planet, but also offers a completely new view of the Earth that even astronauts are not familiar with.

Extra guided tour of INTERGEO 2022 in the Oberhausen Gasometer

The geosciences make a fundamental contribution to the observation and analysis of global climatic changes. In addition, the geosciences help to make forecasts and evaluate measures. This is illustrated clearly and practically in the current Gasometer exhibition.

As an international meeting place for experts from geodesy, geoinformation and land management, INTERGEO is one of the events where worldwide expertise on environmental monitoring, early warning systems and climate adaptation is gathered in one place.

The ticket includes a visit to the current Gasometer exhibition and a guided tour of about 60 minutes. The Gasometer will be open exclusively to INTERGEO trade visitors on Oct. 17, 2022.

Admission: 7 pm

Start of the guided tours 7:30 pm;

Price: 18, € per Person

Afterwards: trip to the roof, individual visit of the exhibition.

The Gasometer will be open until 10 p.m. that evening.