Nothing less than the future of geoinformation, geodesy and land management is what we want to present to you at the Conference. The future is promising, as the importance of geoinformation has increased significantly in recent years and will continue to grow in the future. Especially in the fields of urban planning, disaster preparedness, environmental protection and energy efficiency, geoinformation is of crucial importance. Global challenges such as the climate crisis, urbanization and securing resources can only be mastered with the help of geospatial data.

Highlight Topics of 2023

Gis & KI • Metaverse & Cloud Applications • Earth Observation & Environmental Monitoring • Smart City • Infrastructure BIM • Digital Twins • Satellite services Copernicus and Galileo • 4D-Geo Data, 3D-Cadastre • Smart Mapping Applications & Geobasis 2030 • 3D-Point clouds