At Intergeo 2023, the world's premier geospatial event, Geodetic stands as a symbol of advanced technology and innovation. Our presence at this esteemed event highlights the future of precision and accuracy in the geospatial industry with marketing expertise.

At Geodetic, our mission is to make precision and cutting-edge technology accessible to all. Our flagship products, including Spacecraft, ORB and ORBIT, are designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy and ease of use. They give professionals from all sectors of the geospatial industry straightforward access to advanced surveying technology.

With more than two decades of experience in the Brazilian market, Geodetic has become synonymous with quality and reliability in the sale and rental of topographic equipment under the CPE name.

What sets us apart? It is our holistic approach. We offer not only equipment, but also professional support. Geodetic supports dealers with marketing consulting and lead qualification, helping them to get ahead in their respective regions. Our experience and expertise are your compass to navigate the ever-evolving geospatial landscape.

Visit us at Intergeo 2023 on stand A/25.20 and experience the future of geospatial technology with Geodetic. Together we are shaping a world of precision, one data point at a time.