CZMIL SuperNova has been designed to fulfill the bathymetric lidar survey needs of national geospatial mapping agencies and major service providers in the hydrographic industry alike.
Bathymetric Lidar has the capability of collecting topo-bathy data across the land and shallow water domains. It is a unique technology because to do so otherwise typically takes several traditional sensors combined. It also happens to capture a domain that is one of the most heavily populated, economically strategic, environmentally fragile and changeable on the planet, and one of the most challenging to accurately map to modern accuracies and resolutions. Data acquisition with SuperNova is up to 20 times quicker than any combination of traditional hydrographic survey technologies available today and is safer to use in shallow coastal margins, providing more reliable, seamless coverage.
CZMIL SuperNova comes equipped with the most powerful green laser on the market and has the best water penetration capability in turbid conditions compared to its current competition. Providing exceptional performance over various domains such as coral reefs, inland waterways, beaches and coastal marine environments to water depths in excess of 60 meters.
Key differentiators make CZMIL SuperNova stand out as a best-in-class bathymetric lidar sensor:
  • CUSTOMIZED DATA COLLECTION Optimize performance by selecting from four configurable collection modes. Customize data collection for not only deep but optically complex waters and topographic applications. Configure real time to match project requirements or respond to current environmental conditions.
  • BEST DEPTH PERFORMANCE IN ITS CLASS SuperNova integrates more powerful laser, enhanced optics and faster electronics to increase signal to noise and depth penetration in both Shallow and Deep receiving channels (Kd • D max = 2.9 and 4.4), where Kd is the water attenuation coefficient and D max is maximum detectable depth.
  • STREAMLINED PROCESSING USING THE LEADING SOFTWARE FOR MARINE DATA PROCESSING With the integration of CARIS Base Editor and CARIS Mira AI, CZMIL SuperNova provides access to build seamless, continuous surfaces from point cloud data, leverage AI for noise filtering and land/water classification and automate the production of application specific products like navigation charts.