If you are English speaking, please go to the English website: https://www.intergeo.de/en/call-for-conference

We are pleased that you are going to join us with a presentation at the INTERGEO CONFERENCE 2023 in Berlin (10-12 October).

Please assist us by using the following online submission form to enter the details of your person ( vita, photo, mobile number, ...) and of your presentation (presentation title, abstract, ...).

Your data (with the exception of your postal address, e-mail address and mobile phone number) will be published in the conference programme.

We will record your e-mail and mobile phone number only to contact you during the preparation time of INTERGEO 2023 and during the event itself.

On-site translation of the presentations will be available in the conference rooms beta 8 + 9 / beta 6 + 7.

If your presentation is in German, we kindly ask you to provide the title of your presentation and the abstract as well as your vita in English for our international guests.

In order to be able to translate your presentation professionally, the interpreters need significant material 4 weeks in advance. We will contact you again for this purpose.

If you are sharing a presentation with another person, please make sure that you both use the same title and an identical abstract.

The moderator of your session will contact you in good time before the INTERGEO starts in order to brief you and discuss the schedule.