A Game-Changing Addition to 3Dsurvey Software

3Dsurvey is proud to announce the unveiling of our latest feature, 3Dsurvey Cloud beta. As a leading player in the field of photogrammetry software, 3Dsurvey is committed to innovation and transforming the way spatial data is processed and utilized for everyone. With the upcoming 2.18 version, we offer surveying professionals a remarkable new tool that promises to enhance the way they organize and share projects.

3Dsurvey Cloud is a sought after feature designed to make your surveying projects more accessible, efficient, and collaborative. It allows users to easily share 3Dsurvey results with clients and effectively manage their projects online. 3Dsurvey Cloud represents a significant leap forward in how survey data is stored, managed, and shared.

Effortless Data Sharing

Before 3Dsurvey Cloud, users faced the challenge of sharing large files via external providers like WeTransfer, pCloud Transfers, or Google Drive. Clients had to then download the data and install the 3Dsurvey Viewer, or use alternative 3D software to import and view the data, often requiring a high-performance computer. With 3Dsurvey Cloud, users can simply upload their results and share a link to their clients. Clients can then instantly access and view the data via Cloud Viewer, without the need for additional software or powerful hardware.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

3Dsurvey Cloud runs smoothly on various platforms, including Windows, Apple, iOS, and Android. Users can access their data from any device without worrying about system requirements.

User-Friendly Interface

Unlike the comprehensive 3Dsurvey software with over 100 functions, 3Dsurvey Cloud offers users a simplified interface with multiple project management viewing options. The Cloud Viewer for shared projects is easy to navigate, with clients able to toggle between 2D and 3D models and utilize essential CAD functions for measuring and annotations.

With 3Dsurvey Cloud, professionals in the field can unlock a new era of efficiency and simplicity in data management, ensuring smoother collaboration with clients and enhanced project organization. Say goodbye to complex data sharing processes and embrace a user-friendly solution that adapts to your needs. 3Dsurvey Cloud will be available to all those with a valid Yearly Support & Upgrade package or active Subscription. Be on the lookout for our new version release date!

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