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Inspiration, ideas and innovations – SMART CITY SOLUTIONS conceives the future

We’re in Berlin in the year 2032. Just before the start of INTERGEO, at exactly 8.58 a.m., Herbert M. gets out of a driverless taxi in front of Hall 3 at the city’s exhibition centre. After taking his luggage from the passenger seat, he closes the door and the self-driving electric car heads off to pick up its next passenger.


M. got a good night’s sleep because the electric car picked him up outside his home in Cologne at exactly 1 a.m. as arranged and he slept comfortably on the couch in the back of the vehicle all the way to Berlin. Based on his priorities, his TripAdvisor app booked and arranged the electric car for M. as the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly and comfortable mode of transport. M. is an urban planner and has used the cloud to organise and manage his appointments at INTERGEO. In augmented reality mode, his slimline tablet now directs him to the people he wants to talk to at the world’s number one platform for smart city planners. Once he has completed his business in the SMART CITY SOLUTIONS pavilion in person, M. takes the time to explore the smart city of Berlin.

Fresh meat by drone
At midday, he uses an app to book an electric car to take him round the capital’s main attractions in sightseeing mode, complete with audio and video files. M. sits back comfortably and watches the ultramodern surroundings pass by. He admires the capital’s urban planning perfection – the architecture in harmony with nature, the bustling parks and the multi-storey urban gardens. The car drives quickly without any of the congestion-related delays that were the norm twenty years ago. At lunchtime, M. eats a home-grown salad from the city’s Prenzlauer Berg district and perfectly cooked turkey delivered directly from the surrounding countryside by drone thanks to intelligent logistics. Although Berlin now has four million inhabitants as a result of its location in the heart of Europe, the city gives the impression of being a hive of activity but not overcrowded. In the co-working space, he contacts his colleagues in Berlin’s Smart City senate department in a video session. He goes through prognostic algorithms for traffic and logistics scenarios with the laboratory for urban solutions, which is responsible for the Smart City Berlin initiative.

Nucleus for solutions for the future
We’re now back in present-day Berlin. The SMART CITY SOLUTIONS platform at INTERGEO focuses on solutions for the digital city of the future. Urban planner Herbert M. has travelled from Cologne to Berlin by car. As usual, his journey took two-thirds longer than it should have because of the congested motorways. He used the journey to Berlin to draw inspiration for scenarios of a networked, digital city that at present appear futuristic. He meets specialists from business, government and associations and listens to presentations highlighting the scenarios for a cleaner, healthier, more efficient and more sustainable urban environment offering a better quality of life. He finds out about products and services for dealing with the mountains of data generated by the Internet of Things. He discusses the digital city strategies that civil servants from a wide variety of locations have applied and follows presentations about the intelligent logistics of driverless electric cars.

M. is convinced that smart technologies will have changed everything in 25 years’ time. And he’ll no longer get stuck in traffic on his way to INTERGEO. But he can only guess at exactly how things will turn out.

Experience the future of digital cities today by visiting the SMART CITY SOLUTIONS platform of INTERGEO, which takes place from 26 to 28 September in Berlin.



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