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Smart City Solutions


 Discover the solutions for the cities of tomorrow right here!

Experience SMART CITY SOLUTIONS as part of INTERGEO, the world’s leading conference trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management, from 16 to 18 October 2018 in the metropolis of Frankfurt am Main.

Geodata is some of the most important data worldwide for digital networking and as the basis for the city of the future.

The progressive digitalisation of our society, urbanisation and a growing population call for smart and digital solutions for the environment, climate, mobility and community life in towns, major cities and rural areas. 

The focus at SMART CITY SOLUTIONS is on encouraging dialogue between solution providers, cities and politicians with the aim of developing cities that are a great place to live.
Be part of this new community that is determined to promote modern cities that offer a good place to live and discusses, develops and implements solutions and technologies.



More than 40 presentations in the SCSFORUM on smart technology, smart mobility and smart environment train the spotlight on solutions and concepts for urban planners, architects, public administration, traffic planners and various other professions.

In SCSEXPO, the trade fair and exhibition area of SMART CITY SOLUTIONS, around 50 suppliers, manufacturers and global stakeholders are showcasing alternative energy concepts, transport and mobility systems, autonomous driving solutions, and systems for networked communication and public participation. 

Anyone interested in cutting-edge urban planning and development is sure to find inspiration, solutions, ideas and a lively debate. 

You would like to find out more about SCSEXPO?

The entire concept is available for download: Download


Exclusively for specialists working with geoinformation

SMART CITY SOLUTIONS is expressly targeted at a specialist audience. Visitors attending INTERGEO and INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS, which are taking place at the same time, will meet big-name manufacturers from across the globe and have the opportunity to forge important business contacts. 

You will see state-of-the-art equipment live and hear fascinating presentations on best practices and areas of usage and applications. Last but not least, the trade fair is also a forum for sharing ideas with fellow experts and expanding your own horizons.


Exhibitor advantages at SMART CITY SOLUTIONS as part of INTERGEO

As an exclusively specialist trade fair, SMART CITY SOLUTIONS creates important business contacts between you as an exhibitor and procurement professionals – matching your supply with the appropriate demand. Approximately 3,500 visitors – 60 percent from outside Germany (2017 visitor statistics) – are on the lookout specifically for solution providers of software, hardware and new technologies. 

Take the opportunity to exhibit your product innovations to the right target group and meet decision-makers from all sectors. With SMART CITY SOLUTIONS integrated into INTERGEO, you also have the chance to tap into new target groups and expand your customer base.

Become an exhibitor and partner of SMART CITY SOLUTIONS now!

• Serving as the basis for smart cities, geodata is some of the most important data worldwide and constitutes the core DNA of the digital revolution. Take advantage of SCSEXPO as an integral part of INTERGEO, the world’s leading trade fair.

• Showcase your products and services in a supportive expert environment and network with partners from the field of applied research.

• Shape the up-and-coming SCS community right from the beginning and make an impact on urban transformation by presenting your specialisms and ideas. 

• Leave abstract visions behind and meet face to face with the people in politics and in cities who turn theory into practice.

• Find reliable partners and make your projects a reality!


Daniel Katzer

Daniel Katzer
Director Trade shows and Conferences

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Daniel Katzer


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