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Smart City Solutions


Solutions for the city of the present and the future!

How do we want to live? And what will our world be like at home, at work and in life in general?

Cities have become the number one place to live and work, drawing in millions of people. This is also changing the urban landscape for good and focused, far-sighted planning has become an absolute must.

SMART CITY SOLUTIONS is a new communications platform and an integral part of INTERGEO that is training the spotlight on digitalisation in cities. It includes discussions, impetus and ideas for urban planners, architects and technology companies, as well as presentations of pioneering concepts from around the world and all kinds of fields.



  • Smart City Industry
  • Smart Economy 
  • Smart Governance 
  • Smart Mobility 
  • Smart Environment 
  • Smart People 
  • Smart Living 
  • Smart City
  • Best Practices 
  • Start-ups

Cooperation with German Association for Smart City

Bundesverband Smart City

The analysis of data and information is the decision-making base to ensure a resource efficient and sustainable urban development. Information will be correlated with space-related data and will be integrated as geo information data into multidimensional analysis. Most subjects and problems of a city will have at least one geographical component. The requirements to a GIS in relation to a smart city are vastly. 

And that is where SMART CITY SOLUTIONS serves as a platform to bring together the right people at the right place. The German Association for Smart City (Bundesverband Smart City e.V.) and the SmartCity.institute as partner of SMART CITY SOLUTIONS appreciates the consolidation of the issues around smart city.



Daniel Katzer

Daniel Katzer
Director Trade shows and Conferences

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Daniel Katzer
Matthias Dürr

Matthias Dürr
Junior Project Manager

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Fax: +49 721 93133 - 710

Denise Schuler

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