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Smart City Solutions



Solutions for the city of the present and the future!

How do we want to live? And what will our world be like at home, at work and in life in general?

Cities have become the number one place to live and work, drawing in millions of people. This is also changing the urban landscape for good and focused, far-sighted planning has become an absolute must.

SMART CITY SOLUTIONS is a new communications platform and an integral part of INTERGEO that is training the spotlight on digitalisation in cities. It includes discussions, impetus and ideas for urban planners, architects and technology companies, as well as presentations of pioneering concepts from around the world and all kinds of fields.



SCS EXPO is the place to make contact with the solutions providers for the challenges raised as our cities evolve. 

At SCS EXPO, you will meet everyone involved in the Smart City sector – from the major established players right through to the latest start-ups. 

After all, it is this diversity of ideas that will make the cities of the future great places to live!




“Smart City” is much more than a marketing term

Plans to develop both urban and rural space call for umbrella concepts to design more sustainable cities and regions that will make people’s lives more appealing and enjoyable. 

Find the answers you need to your questions in the SCS FORUM, join in the debate and talk to the speakers and other visitors.




Fun, informative and memorable!
SCS SLAM offers innovative start-ups the perfect opportunity to showcase their visions and ideas in a dynamic programme of quick-fire presentations. 

Fledgling companies have just five minutes each to outshine the other contestants in this fun competition.  Speakers can use any methods they like – just no slides! 

You decide who comes out on top!




The SCS LAB is where smart future scenarios for the cities of tomorrow come to life today. 

The SCS LAB integrates the first Smart City showcase into SCS EXPO. 

This interactive environment is your chance to get a genuine feel for exhibitors’ products and sample first-hand what a smart city means.





With the Morgenstadt initiative, under the management of Fraunhofer IAO, SMART CITY SOLUTIONS gains a competent and highly experienced partner in realisation of urban development projects.
The partnership interlocks a scientific approach for urban innovations with the expertise from the economy. Therefore it enables an integrated point of view of the cities of tomorrow.


Daniel Katzer

Daniel Katzer
Director Trade shows and Conferences

Tel.: +49 721 93133 - 750
Mobile: +49 178 83133 - 04
Fax: +49 721 93133 - 710

Daniel Katzer
Matthias Dürr

Matthias Dürr
Junior Project Manager

Tel.: +49 721 93133 - 630
Fax: +49 721 93133 - 710

Denise Schuler
Svenja Berger

Svenja Berger
Junior Project Manager

Tel.: +49 721 93133 - 780
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