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Media partners and media presence

The American Surveyor

The American Surveyor is created by surveyors for surveyors. Editor Marc Cheves, PS, guides more than 40 nationally recognized contributors, delivering business and technology content uniquely relevant to today’s land surveying professionals. Sister publications within the Spatial Media network (www.spatialmedia.us) include LIDAR Magazine, Construction2020.com and GISuser.com.


Cities Today

Cities Today is the only global magazine containing analysis, comment and best practices on sustainable urban development, connecting local governments with public and private sector solutions.

With an expert editorial advisory board comprising the World Bank, UN-Habitat, UNEP, and city associations ICLEI, C40, UCLG ASPAC, UCLG Africa, UCLG MEWA, Sister Cities International and FLACMA, the publication highlights the challenges facing city leaders and local governments in mobility, finance, smart technology, health care, energy efficiency, water, sanitation, security and housing.



COORDINATES, is an exclusive monthly magazine on positioning, navigation, associated technologies and applications. It focuses on LBS/GPS/GALILEO/GLONASS/ and other GNSS systems. It also covers related technologies and applications like Mapping, Surveying, Cartography, Timing etc. It also highlights GIS, Remote Sensing, LIDAR, Photogrammetry etc and their applications. Coordinates aims to take these technologies from the domain of experts to the realm of potential users. It intends to widen the horizon and broaden the canvas of these technologies from existing dominant fields to newer application areas and newer and wider target audiences.



eGovernment Computing

eGovernment Computing, die Fachzeitschrift für die Digitalisierung der Verwaltung und Öffentliche Sicherheit, gibt den IT- Entscheidern in Bund, Land und Kommune seit 2001 einen Überblick über IT, Initiativen, Trends und Vorgaben für den Investitionsbereich im Public Sector.



Neben der Herausgabe von Fachliteratur, dem GIS-Report und dem E-Mail-Newsletter gis-report-news betreibt die Bernhard Harzer Verlag GmbH mit GEObranchen.de und dem dort integrierten Online-Stellenmarkt GEOjobs.de das in der deutschsprachigen Geoinformatik-Branche wohl meist besuchte Internetportal.
Im Zeitraum 13.06.2016 bis 13.06.2017 griffen 92.042 Besucher auf GEObranchen.de zu.* Hier präsentieren Sie der GIS-Branche Ihre Produkte und Dienstleistungen zielgenau und ohne Streuverluste. * Quelle PIWIK # Web Analytics


Geomatics World
GIS Professional
GIM International

Geomares Publishing UK are the publishers of GIM International, Hydro International, Geomatics World and GiS Professional magazines. We also offer innovative and state-of-the-art business-to-business products, both in print and online, to industry professionals worldwide.

GIM International, the independent and high-quality information source for the global geomatics industry, brings its readers the latest insights and developments in both technology and management, including: topical overviews, news and developments, expert opinions, innovation updates, and more.


Géomatique Expert

Géomatique Expert is a bimonthly (every other month) French-speaking magazine encompassing almost all GIS-related fields. It features news, technical papers, investigations and interviews of software editors, VARs and users of spatial data such as local governments, state agencies, land surveyors, topography technicians, urbanists, architects… It offers in-depth analyses of GIS products, both commercial and open source, and of spatial data acquisition/management/process and usage.


GEO Media

GEOmedia, the Italian magazine for geomatics, published bi-monthly, is a worldwide window to and for the Italian market on latest developments and applications in the complex field of Earth surface sciences. Deals with acquisition, processing, querying, analysis, presentation, dissemination, management and use of geo-data and geo-information, for professional, researcher and public administrator.


Geospatial Media

Geospatial Media & Communications is the world’s largest geospatial knowledge platform. It aims to facilitate collaboration, and demonstrate the value and benefits of geospatial technology for organizations, governments, and citizens. Geospatial Media produces GeospatialWorld.net, Geospatial World Forum, and Global Geospatial Outlook report.



GISCafé is a portal offering GIS and geospatial professionals complete GIS product catalog listings, technical papers, GIS news, CEo interviews, multimedia presentations, job placement and more.


GPS World

GPS World publishes an industry-focused technical magazine, an award-winning website, and six specialized e-newsletters on positioning, navigation and timing (PNT), using GPS/GNSS, lidar, inertial, cameras and other sensors aboard UAVs and other platforms – for surveying, mapping, GIS, geodesy, transportation, and many other applications.


Bernhard Harzer Verlag

Neben der Herausgabe von Fachliteratur, dem GIS-Report und dem E-Mail-Newsletter gis-report-news betreibt die Bernhard Harzer Verlag GmbH mit GEObranchen.de und dem dort integrierten Online-Stellenmarkt GEOjobs.de das in der deutschsprachigen Geoinformatik-Branche wohl meist besuchte Internetportal.
Im Jahr 2017 griffen 88.147 Besucher auf GEObranchen.de zu und riefen 330.235 Seiten* auf. Hier präsentieren Sie der GIS-Branche Ihre Produkte und Dienstleistungen zielgenau und ohne Streuverluste.



The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (ICES) is recognised as the leading chartered professional institution for geospatial engineering and commercial management specialists in civil engineering. ICES strives to maintain and improve that position and is dedicated to the regulation, education and training of surveyors working within civil engineering. 



inside unmanned systems

Inside Unmanned Systems provides actionable business intelligence to decision-makers and influencers operating within the dynamic global unmanned community. Analysis of key technologies, independent reports on the latest policy and regulatory developments, and evaluation of new product designs and applications support the results stakeholders need to succeed across the commercial, civil and defense sectors.

Inside Unmanned Systems reaches a worldwide audience of 12,000 in print and 16,000 more in digital format.


Katographische Nachrichten
Straße und Autobahn

Im Kirschbaum Verlag, Fachverlag für Verkehr und Technik, erscheint im 67. Jahrgang die Fachzeitschrift „Kartographische Nachrichten“, die wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift im deutschsprachigen Raum zu Geoinformation und Visualisierung.
Als Organ der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kartographie( DGfK), der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Kartographie (SGK) und der Österreichischen Kartographischen Kommission(ÖKK) sind sie weltweit die auflagenstärkste Zeitschrift für Kartographie in Theorie und Praxis, Wissenschaft und Technik.



Kommunalinfo24 - Das Magazin zeichnet sich durch seine hohe Präsenz in den öffentlichen Verwaltungen aus: Mit einer Auflage von 18.000 Exemplaren je Ausgabe zählt das Magazin zu den auflagenstärksten Fachzeitschriften in diesem Sektor in Deutschland. Leser sind Planer, Einkäufer und Investitions-Entscheider in kommunalen Verwaltungen sowie Bauhöfen für öffentliche Bauvorhaben und Projekte.



Die Fachzeitschrift Kommune21 berichtet detailliert über die IT-gestützte Modernisierung der öffentlichen Verwaltung. Kommune21 adressiert mit einer verbreiteten Auflage von 10.600 Exemplaren (Druckauflage 11.000 Exemplare) die Entscheidungsträger (Bürgermeister/Oberbürgermeister, Landräte, Amtsleiter/Dezernenten, IT-Leiter) in den deutschen Städten, Gemeinden und Kreisen. Die Zeitschrift erscheint monatlich und wird durch ein konsequent verschlagwortetes Themenportal ergänzt.


My Dear Drone

Are you a UAV Fan? MyDearDrone is perfect for you because it's a free, original and best community to learn everything from news, reviews, guides and much more about drone and it's technology. So come and experience the Quadcopter (UAV) world with us.




Point of Beginning (POB) helps land surveyors and geomatics professionals in the surveying business succeed through our coverage of new technologies and opportunities. We offer practical solutions to surveying and mapping problems, while keeping you up to date on business strategies, the law and education. In recent years, POB has expanded with a digital edition, eNewsletters, webinars, podcasts and through our online community forum, RPLS.com.



PositionIT – the geoinformatics, surveying, GIS, mapping, location intelligence and related spatial applications journal for Southern Africa – is a technical journal published by EE Publishers, in print and online, ten times a year, serving these sectors and the wider target audience in Southern Africa.

PositionIT provides a voice for the Geo-Information Society of South Africa (GISSA), the South African Geomatics Institute (SAGI), the Institute of Mine Surveyors of Southern Africa (IMSSA), and the South African Geomatics Council, the statutory registration body for surveyors and GIS practitioners.

PositionIT is available online at www.positionit.co.za Readers are also invited to subscribe to the monthly email newsletter by visiting our website www.ee.co.za


stadt + werk

Die Fachzeitschrift stadt + werk informiert Verwaltungsspitzen, Leiter und Mitarbeiter der Energiewirtschafts- und Umweltdezernate, kommunale Mandatsträger sowie Entscheidungsträger bei Stadtwerken und Energieversorgern über die Herausforderungen und Praxiserfahrungen beim Umbau der Energiewirtschaft. stadt + werk erscheint im Jahr 2017 mit sieben Ausgaben und einer Auflage von 11.000 Exemplaren. Die Zeitschrift wird durch ein konsequent verschlagwortetes Themenportal ergänzt.


Surveying Group

SurveyingGroup is the source of information for professionals and prosumers in the fields of precision measurement, positioning and imaging. Surveying Group is the first and only digital magazine contains online articles, news,
videos, and social media interaction in TURKEY. Our varied content includes land surveying, GNSS/location technology, hydrography/marine, aerial photogrammetry/UAS, lidar/imaging, construction/BIM, spatial IT/GIS and Real Estate.



»Internationales Verkehrswesen« and »Transforming Cities«, published by Trialog Publishers Verlagsgesellschaft, are well-recognised technological professional magazines. Authors are scientific and professional practice experts from all fields of logistics and transportation, maintenance, infrastructure and urban affairs.
In its 70th year »Internationales Verkehrswesen« is one of the leading European transport journals for both academic research and practical application, spanning all modes of transport. »Transforming Cities« keeps professionals and administation managers abreast of the background conditions, trends and future prospects of the changes in urban and hinterland regions.


Unmanned Systems Technology

Unmanned Systems Technology magazine is focused entirely on the innovative engineering that's successfully pushing boundaries on land, in the air, at sea and even through the universe. Published bi-monthly, UST provides independent coverage of the engineering at the heart of unmanned vehicles. Subscribe today!



Der Herbert Wichmann Verlag gilt mit seinen maßgeschneiderten Fachmedien über Geoiformatik/GIS, Geodäsie/Vermessungstechnik, Photogrammetrie/Fernerkundung und Verkehrsplanung als eine der ersten Adressen in diesem Bereich. Das Angebot umfasst Fachbücher, Loseblattwerke sowie die Zeitschrift avn und die gis.Zeitschriftengruppe.

Seit 2010 gehört der Wichmann Verlag zum VDE VERLAG.


WIN Verlag

Bereits seit 1977 werden von den Verlegern Liane und Hans-J. Grohmann Fachpublikationen verlegt. Die Maxime ist damals wie heute, komplexe technische Sachverhalte zielgruppengerecht aufzubereiten.
Daraus entstand vor vielen Jahren unser Slogan "Solutions to Market".

Im WIN-Verlag werden folgende Magazine, Kataloge und Onlineportale verlegt: AUTOCAD & Inventor Magazin, DIGITAL ENGINEERING Magazin, DIGITAL MANUFACTURING Magazin, Digital Business Magazin, Bauen Aktuell, e-commerce Magazin, DIGITAL ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS, AUTOCAD & Inventor Solution Guide, virtual-reality-magazin.de und der IBM Business Partner NetKatalog.


xyHt Magazine

North America’s fastest growing geospatial publication, xyHt, is now reaching out to professionals across the globe to share its high-quality content for those in the surveying, mapping, GIS and AEC industries. After publishing for 30+ years as Professional Surveyor, the new xyHt title and concept quickly grew circulation by 35% since its 2014 rebrand and 18% in 2016.

What’s different about xyHt? Unlike other survey, construction, GNSS, or engineering-only titles, xyHt takes a broader approach to embrace the convergence of technology and expertise in the geospatial world. If it’s related to precision measurement, positioning or imaging, xyHt likes to provide content to its readers on it. Plus, xyHt’s marketing partners are some of the best-known quality brands in the entire world.


Wißner Verlag

Der Wißner-Verlag (www.geodaesie.info) informiert in der »zfv – Zs. f. Geodäsie, Geoinformation und Landmanagement« fundiert und unabhängig über neue Entwicklungen und Erkenntnisse aus Wissenschaft und Praxis. Die zfv berichtet aus den Bereichen Geodäsie, Geoinformation und Landmanagement, Fernerkundung, Ingenieurgeodäsie etc. und informiert über die INTERGEO®, Tagungen, Aus- und Fortbildung u.v.m. Zielgruppe sind Fachleute aus Wissenschaft und Forschung, Industrie und Behörden sowie Studierende der Geowissenschaften. Herausgeber ist der DVW e.V.


INTERGEO in the media spotlight

With its global media presence and intensive usage of print, online and TV communication channels, INTERGEO creates an exceptional showcase – 365 days a year.

The Round Table in spring will provide the press with a foretaste of the highlights in store at the main event.

More than 700 journalists from all over the world will be writing about INTERGEO in 122 media outlets throughout the entire year, generating a total print circulation of 4,309,835 and 217,428,896 visits to online sites.

Some 100 national and international journalists will converge on the exhibition centre to report live on the world’s most important event in the industry. Our media partners from the USA/Canada, Europe and Asia will be right at the fore. 

  • The INTERGEO website (www.intergeo.de) gets approximately 100,000 visits annually
  • The INTERGEO app for iOS, Android and mobile has been downloaded nearly 3,000 times
  • 20,000 e-mail newsletter subscriptions
  • Growing number of fans on the social networks Facebook and Twitter.

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