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Accreditation guidelines

General accreditation regulations for journalists attending trade fairs in Germany

As the organisers of the trade fair, we want to facilitate journalists’ access to information about our events and our company by awarding accreditation. Accreditation is issued solely for the purpose of compiling press reports.

Press accreditation can be awarded to:

1. Owners of a valid press ID from a German or foreign journalists’ association not relating to a specific sector.

2. Owners of a valid press ID from a German or foreign journalists’ association with specific relation to the subject of this trade fair.

3. Persons from Germany or abroad who can prove their credentials as a journalist (or press photographer) based on:

  • a) Presentation of an original named article that was published within the six months prior to the event,
  • b) Presentation of original publication details that cite the person’s name as an editor, permanent member of the editorial team or author and are no more than six months old at the time of the event,
  • c) An original written editorial assignment relating to the current trade fair,
  • d) A URL for an online publication that is recognised by the trade fair community. In such cases, advance accreditation is necessary due to the extra effort involved in checking its validity.
  • e) Presentation of evidence no more than six months old that the person works for a school newspaper, or of a valid ID from a youth press organisation.

In addition, the trade fair organiser reserves the right to verify someone’s status as a journalist, even if they have presented press ID. All supporting evidence must be presented in German or English. The trade fair organiser reserves the right to request presentation of valid photographic ID in addition to the other evidence. There is no given right to accreditation. If circumstances require, the trade fair organiser will exercise house rules and authority.

Press accreditation


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