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Smart City Solutions


Solutions for the city of the present and the future!

How do we want to live? And what will our world be like at home, at work and in life in general?

Cities have become the number one place to live and work, drawing in millions of people. This is also changing the urban landscape for good and focused, far-sighted planning has become an absolute must.

SMART CITY SOLUTIONS is a new communications platform and an integral part of INTERGEO that is training the spotlight on digitalisation in cities. It includes discussions, impetus and ideas for urban planners, architects and technology companies, as well as presentations of pioneering concepts from around the world and all kinds of fields.


Would you like to take part in SMART CITY SOLUTIONS?



Smart City SOLUTIONS is a real experience! Book your own exhibition space and make the most of this key opportunity to join the community.

Whether existing customers or new ones, by taking part in Smart City SOLUTIONS, you have the ideal opportunity to expand and nurture your contacts face to face. What’s more, we also offer a wide range of options that help you draw visitors directly to your stand.
Seasoned exhibitors and newcomers are equally welcome at the SCS EXPO! After all, it is this diversity of ideas that will make the cities of the future great places to live!
We are on hand to help throughout your time at the fair and are happy to offer advice per Mail 

Basic Package:

  • 3 m² stand area incl. construction 
  • 1 info desk 1 barstool 1 brochure stand 
  • 1 connection to power supply 
  • Obligatory trade fair costs (AUMA fee, refuse disposal fee, insurance) 
  • Communications package 
  • 1 presentation slot in the Smart City Forum

Price: 4.250 €

Business Package:

  • Exhibition space 12 m²
  • Stand construction inclusive
  • Communication package inclusive
  • 20 min. Presentation speech in forum
  • Internet

Price: 6.500 €

Customised stand area

(Minimum size 12 m²)price / m²:

Row stand


Corner stand 


End stand 


Block stand 



AUMA fee

0,60 € / m²

communication package

789,00 €

Waste fee / disposal charge

2,80 € / m²




How is your company shaping the cities of the future?

What innovative projects have you already launched? 

Share your expertise and visions for the future at the SCS FORUM and offer inspiration that can be discussed in greater detail at your stand later on. 

Three types of presentation are available so you can choose the one that suits your company best: Best Practice, Product Presentation or SCS SLAM. 

If you would like to submit a proposal, please e-mail us at Svenja Berger via Mail. If you have any questions, we are also happy to help out over the phone, on  +49 721 93133 - 780.


400,00 € / 20 Minutes



The SCS LAB is where smart future scenarios for the cities of tomorrow come to life today. 

This is a new opportunity for exhibitors to maximise interest in their innovative products through a special showcase. By appealing to visitors on an emotional level, you can grab their attention and make yourself stand out from the usual comings and goings of the fair. Naturally, we also have plenty of clever ways to make sure visitors who take an interest can find their way straight to you. 

The SCS LAB will complement your exhibits at the fair and place your company firmly in the context of the smart city. Give visitors a genuine experience of your products and make the most of all that the SCS LAB has to offer visitors. 

If you would like to submit a proposal, please e-mail us at Matthias Dürr via Mail. If you have any questions, we are also happy to help out over the phone, on  +49 721 93133 - 630.


400,00 € 



Fun, informative, memorable! 

The SCS SLAM is an exciting mini-presentation tournament that offers innovative start-ups the perfect chance to reach out to their target audiences. Young companies go up against each other in a fun competition, giving presentations that can last no longer than five minutes. 

Speakers can use any methods they like – apart from presentation slides! The audience decides who wins. What does the winner get? The chance to exhibit at INTERGEO 2018 in Frankfurt free of charge! 

Show us, and visitors to INTERGEO 2017, the creative side to your company and book one of the limited number of SCS SLAM places that are available. 

If you would like to submit a proposal, please e-mail us at Svenja Berger via Mail. If you have any questions, we are also happy to help out over the phone, on +49 721 93133 - 780.


99 € 


Registration for Start-ups


A dedicated category and joint display area has been set up at INTERGEO for start-ups, so that even more can be done to showcase the potential of young, newly founded companies. INTERGEO offers special stand packages for young and innovative Start-ups.

Stand packages

BASIC - work station at the joint stand area

1.290 € (plus VAT)


2.990 € (plus VAT)


Stand enquiry

You want to present your products at SMART CITY SOLUTIONS 2017 and you are looking for a first quotation? 

We are pleased to accept your application online and thank you for your interest. Stand enquiry

Please note that this form cannot be used to register for a stand. Registrations must be submitted in writing and duly signed.


Logo / Key Visual

SCS Logo


Download an SMART CITY SOLUTIONS banner

  • Superbanner – 728 x 90 px
  • Fullbanner – 468 x 120 px
  • Medium Rectangle – 300 x 250 px
  • Sky – 160 x 600 px

now to use in your own homepage.

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Why you should exhibit

  • Meet top decision-makers from all industries
  • Network with the global specialist audience 
  • The only european event to showcase the geoinformation data at the heart of SMART CITY SOLUTIONS
  • Use the event as an effective sales and networking plattform
  • Benefit from comprehensive market reporting in the INTERGEO setting

Meet your target group at SMART CITY SOLUTIONS from the fields of…

  • Smart City Industry
  • Smart Economy 
  • Smart Governance 
  • Smart Mobility 
  • Smart Environment 
  • Smart People 
  • Smart Living 
  • Smart City
  • Best Practices 
  • Start-ups


Daniel Katzer

Daniel Katzer
Director Trade shows and Conferences

Tel.: +49 721 93133 - 750
Mobile: +49 178 83133 - 04
Fax: +49 721 93133 - 710

Daniel Katzer
Matthias Dürr

Matthias Dürr
Junior Project Manager

Tel.: +49 721 93133 - 630
Fax: +49 721 93133 - 710

Denise Schuler

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