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From multicopters to fixed-wing aircraft – as the world’s largest industry platform, INTERGEO is already the leading trade fair for manufacturers and service providers in the field of unmanned flight systems in Europe. The INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS integrated topic platform is INTERGEO’s response to the rapid development in the use of UAS (unmanned aircraft systems). This area is also becoming more international, because the possible applications of UAS and RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft systems) are resulting in growing demand worldwide.


At INTERGEO INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS runs as a free-standing UAS platform for the first time. Holding the new UAS platform at the same time and venue as INTERGEO means exhibitors are bound to attract a large audience. At the same time, running the platform as an independent entity will generate a keen interest in current and upcoming UAS topics. INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS will maintain the same format in Hamburg as last year with an exhibition area, expert forum and outdoor flight zone and thus delivers an all-round experience of products and the market.

Further information about INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS is available at www.interaerial-solutions.com